Technology Retrofits & Upgrades

For customers who are limping along with an antiquated and proprietary automation system, CFS has proven to be a great partner to navigate through the complex and risky process of upgrading your system. Each facility requires a strategic plan that allows for old technology to be upgraded, while keeping existing equipment online and operating so the facility and its employees can continue to operate and be productive. CFS has successfully done this on large and small scales. Our experience not only helps the customer get a technology face lift, but we also utilize our experience to implement new strategies and solutions that save energy, reduce wear on equipment and improve building operations. When we’re done, the owner is left with a new technology platform that is non-proprietary and enables them to have more leverage and flexibility with vendors over the life of the system.

Recent Projects:

5165 Emerald Parkway – Technology Retrofit & Upgrade – Dublin, OH

The facility owners and operators at 5165 Emerald Parkway chose CFS to perform an automation upgrade of their outdated proprietary supervisory controller(s) and replace them with open market, web-based supervisory controllers.  The project included an upgrade to their aging field controllers that inter-operated with (3) rooftop units.  The success of this project was judged by the means in which there was no down time or negative affect on the 24/7 operational requirements.  The customer now has a state of the art system with an animated web-based graphical interface, and a system that can built upon into the future.

Fairfield Medical Center – Technology Retrofit & Upgrade – Lancaster, OH

Fairfield Medical Center chose CFS to perform an automation upgrade of their mission critical chiller plant, while also removing their outdated proprietary supervisory controllers and replacing them with open market, web-based Tridium JACE controllers in early 2013. The success of that project resulted in CFS being selected to perform the controls installation of their new multi-story structure, which will feature a new surgery department, 30 private patient rooms and a variety of clinical support spaces. The new facility will mean better healthcare delivery for the residents they serve in Fairfield County and Southeastern Ohio.

Centerburg Local Schools – Technology Retrofit & Upgrade  – Centerburg, OH

Centerburg Local Schools asked CFS to evaluate the current school district’s automation system and asses their needs to resolve their outdated and failing system, while also implementing some much needed technology. After a thorough review of the campus, the only need for the District was to upgrade the supervisory controllers, while maintaining the large investment in the field controllers, thus saving the District money. The measures below were implemented over the course of the summer months and allowed no interruption to the function of the schools:

  • Installation of new Tridium Supervisory Controllers and a Supervisor to allow a single point of interface to the system instead of individual logins to each.
  • Full integration to the existing field controllers and their data, including long term trending and data collection of their system.
  • Developed web-based interfaces for the staff which included graphical system navigation and floorplan visuals showing temperature deviation with usage of color variations based on individual temperature setpoints.

Implemented the ability to sort and view alarms based on priority, and email alarms of the critical components in the system if they had an issue.