In today’s world, internet and web technologies are a part of our everyday lives. As we attempt to satisfy the building owner, it is incumbent upon us to make sure that their needs are met by the best suite of applications and hardware on the market today. While this can be challenging at times, it is a necessary assessment to be made on a case by case basis, rather than a broad brush stroke and a hope that the controllers function as desired. With that in mind, CFS has the ability to represent several product lines, and uses that flexibility to fill all the voids in your facility depending upon the need. In short, we have what you need, when you need it.

tridiumFor most of our customers the supervisory controller of choice has been the Tridium platform, including a full range of Niagara based framework including JACE controllers, Supervisor software for long term trending and also multiple options for various input/output controllers. Using this technology and platform, we are able to integrate many different protocols that are in the industry today, and it also allows us the flexibility to adapt as the technology changes. Whether the systems are based on BACnet®, LonWorks®, MODBUS®, SNMP, OPC, oBIX, or a host of supported legacy protocols, Niagara connects almost any device imaginable and supports both wired and wireless technology.

imgresIn regards to field controllers that we routinely install, American Auto-Matrix has been diligently working since 2008 to have their entire Native BACnet product line BTL listed. With over 30 BTL listed controllers, AAM leads the industry in the number of BTL listed devices. AAM products are known for their compatibility, robustness and longevity. In addition, American Auto-Matrix prides itself on lengthy end-of-life cycle and generation-to-generation compatibility. From small stand-alone buildings, to multiple building networks, to enterprise wide applications, the AAM system offers the same level of durability, functionality, and flexibility wherever they are found. Use American Auto-Matrix Unitary Controls when you need:

  • Smart, Stand-alone, Application-specific DDC
  • Unitary control networkable to a higher-level automation system
  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Superior local control performance at lower operating costs
  • Reliable, high-speed communications over twisted pair wire

logoIn addition to the American Auto Matrix product line, CFS has a full staff of personnel trained in the use, programming, commissioning and replacement of the entire field controller product line offered by Johnson Controls. We fully support customers with the legacy JCI N2 product line of controllers, along with any expansion projects where they desire to use the newer line of JCI BACnet controllers. Having the flexibility and experience to support the older generations of JCI legacy controllers is a vital component of our services. In addition, assisting customers plan for their system upgrade challenges is an area where we have successfully helped customers who desperately needed it.

How CFS Brings it All Together

The installation of any supervisory control system is fairly easy, but the proper method used to display the collected data is the area that we feel is our main strength and one that differentiates us from the rest. After years and years of installations, we have developed a standard interface that is used to fit most customer needs. With that in mind, we go to great lengths to insure that the installation is tailor fit to the needs of the particular customer. In short, we don’t just slap a logo on the interface and call it “customized”. We will take the time to see what the needs are, and then develop solutions to that need. To see some examples of our system interface that might apply to your particular facility, please click on any of the thumbnail pictures below.