Service & Commission

CFS has been successful at helping customers maintain and improve their facility by offering services that can fix a problem or make improvements that take their facility to the next level.

  • Review of overall operation as it pertains to energy consumption and potential improvements
  • Retro-commissioning and software engineering that improves performance or keeps control systems operating at peak performance.
  • Commissioning of an automation system to ensure sequencing and system operates as intended
  • Utility metering and integration for consumption analysis and implementation of load shedding strategies.
  • System troubleshooting and replacement of failed mechanical and electrical automation hardware and software
  • Integration of new or existing equipment and technologies
  • User Interface enhancements, like email alarming, automatic reporting, and graphics enhancements can make operation much more simplified and efficient.

Recent Projects:

Center for Surgical Dermatology (CSD) – Service and Commission – Westerville, OH

Since opening in 2007, CSD’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art Dermatology Center has become the largest medical and surgical skin treatment and wellness facility in Central Ohio. Although their medical practice is a huge success and benefit to the community, their energy bills were higher than expected, and they needed continuous support from third party HVAC service contractors to deal with higher than normal hot and cold calls.  After several attempts at determining why their energy bills were higher than other facilities similar in nature, CFS was contracted to perform a retro-commissioning process on their existing automation system.  CFS identified numerous issues, from poor economizer control strategies to faulty unoccupied heating and cooling sequencing.  After identifying the problems, CFS was asked to fix the issues, which has resulted in the following:

  • A minor facility investment with significant enhancements yielding satisfying results. The investment was kept to a minimum by re-using existing control hardware and software, in lieu of having to pay for substantial upgrades.
  • An annual reduction of over 150,000 kwh resulting in more appropriate consumption and reduced energy costs.
  • A reduction in hot and cold complaints, which has increased patient and customer satisfaction with the building environment, while also reducing the amount of service calls and associated costs for the customer.

Capital University – Mees Hall – Columbus, OH

Capital had ongoing issues with humidity in their Mees Hall Auditorium and worked with a local engineering firm to modify HVAC systems that would remedy this issue.  After installation of new equipment and modifications to their automation system, CFS was chosen to develop a commissioning plan that would verify the installation was done in a manner that would ensure positive results.  During testing and the commissioning process, some critical items were properly identified and ultimately corrected that brought significant value to the project and helped ensure the humidity issue was resolved.  Providing a layer of expertise and experience to verify the job was done correctly helped the owner, engineer and contractors call this project a success.